Indian Forest Service Cadre in Tripura

Name Batch Present Posting Contacts Email
Dr. A.M. Kanfade TR:1992

PCCF & HoFF, Tripura
Addl. Charges.
Principal Secretary, Forest Department.
Working Plan and Survey, 
M.D., TFDPC Ltd.

Mobile: +91 9342339873 / +91 8951284914

Shri R.K. Samal TR:1993

PCCF (APR) with additional charges of Forest Protection, CEO, Tripura CAMPA in FHQ, M.D., TRPC Ltd. CWW,  Member Secretary, TBB, PCCF (FCA)

Office: +91 381 239 7058
Mobile: +91 9436995208 / +91 7064133179

Shri P.L. Agrawal TR:1994

[Now under suspension]

Mobile: +91 9402588888

Shri. Chaitanya Murti TR:1995

(Addl. PCCF)

Joint Secretary, Department of Bio-Technology, Govt. of India


Mobile: +91 9436771937

Shri V.G. Jenner TR:1996

(Addl. PCCF)
Deputy Director General of Forests (C), Regional office, MOEFCC, Bangalore and Deputy Director General of Forests (C), Regional office, MoEFCC, Nagpur

Mobile: +91 9436135005

Shri Shailendra Singh TR:1997

(Addl. PCCF)
Deputy Director General, UIDAI, HQ, New Delhi 

Mobile: +91 9868124556

Shri A. Dey TR:1997

(Addl. PCCF)
Secretary, North Eastern Council & Joint Secretary, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Govt. of India

Mobile: +91 8415942552

Shri Amit Shukla TR:1999

(Addl. PCCF)
Director, Deptt. of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Govt. of India (under CSS of DoPT) on Central deputation 

Mobile: +91 9451913765

Smt. Deepa D. Nair TR:2001

CCF (P&D) with additional charge of CEO, Element Project, M.D. TNTR LTD., CEO & PD Tripura JICA (SCATFORM) Project, CEO &PD (Element Project), CCF (R&T), Fisheries Department,  ARDD, SC Welfare

Mobile: +91 9446463700

Dr. K. Shashi Kumar TR:2003

CCF (Territorial) 
Addl. Charge :
CCF (IT & Statistics),  Secretary, Science, Technology & Environment Deptt. 
Chairman, Tripura State Pollution Control Board, CCF (Vigilance & Legal) and Member Secretary, Wetland Authority of Tripura,

Mobile: +91 9436168611

Dr. Honnareddy N TR:2008

Joint Commissioner in the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) 

Mobile: +91 9436582219/ +91 9971518296

Shri Wangdup Bhutia TR:2008

CF (M&E) in FHQ and Member-Secretary, Tripura Parks and Garden Society 
Addl. Charge:-
Director (Administration, Finance & Audit), in the SCATFORM (JICA), Project, Tripura, 

Mobile: +91 9436582218

Smt. Banumathi G TR:2009

Deputy Secretary in the Dept. of Bio-Technology, New Delhi under CSS of DoPT

Mobile: +91 9402192592

Shri S. Prabhu TR:2009

Director of Tribal Welfare, Tripura, 

Mobile: +91 8575305121

Sri Shivananda S. Talawar TR:2009

Assistant Inspector General of Forests (AIGF) under the Central Staffing Scheme of MoEF&CC

Mobile: +91 8732052483

Shri R. Arun Kumar TR:2009

Dy. Director, Forest Survey of India, Dehradun on central deputation 

Mobile: +91 7005514144

Shri Prasada Rao Vaddarapu TR:2010

CF Level
Director, Urban Forestry and CEO & Member Secretary, Tripura Parks & Garden Society 
Addl. Charge:-
Director, NTFP Center of Excellence

Office: +91 381 239 7325
Mobile: +91 9402307944

Shri Shakti Kant Singh TR:2010

CF Level

Deputy Secretary, Department of Rural Development, Govt. of India [on Central Deputation].

Mobile: +91 8414942600

Shri Sanjib Das TR:2011

DCF (HQ) and WP-II, in addition.

Office: +91 381 239 7061
Mobile: +91 7630049150 / +91 8731867211

Shri Harsha Kumar Chikkanaragund TR:2011

Inter- Cadre deputation to the Karnataka Cadre


Mobile: +91 9612913045/ +91 9485150092

Shri Jayakrishnan V.K TR:2012

District Forest Officer, West Tripura District

Mobile: +91 7085767137/ +91 9446125384

Shri Mahender Singh TR:2012

Director, Science, Technology & Environment Deptt. Director, Bio- Technology Deptt. in addition DCF (Planning & Development) in  FHQ.

Office: +91 3826 222 551
Mobile: +91 8118930672

Shri Chaman Lal Negi TR:2012

DCF (Wildlife/TBB) at FHQ and General Manager, Tripura Nature Trail Resorts (TNTR) Ltd.

Mobile: +918415933652

Shri Pritam Bhattacharjee TR:2012

District Forest Officer, South Tripura District 

Office: +91 381 231 1061
Mobile: +919436540259

Shri Goutam Das TR:2012

Director (LCD) in SCATFORM Project (JICA Phase-II) With addl. Charge of Director (LCD) under Tripura JICA Project. 

Office: +91 381 236 1454
Mobile: +91 9436123837

Dr. Naresh Babu N TR:2013

Joint Secretary (Technical)
Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles

Mobile: +91 9436544337

Shri Neeraj Kr. Chanchal TR:2013

Director, A.R.D.Department, Tripura, Agtartala
Addl. Charge:-
Deputy CEO, CAMPA in the Forest Department

Mobile: +91 9436544332

Shri Animesh Das TR:2013

DCF (Protection) and Nodal Officer (legal), in addition.

Mobile:  +91 9436502484

Shri Amit Debbarma TR:2013

DFO, Dhalai

Office: +91 382 622 2551
Mobile: +91 8414896114

Shri H. Vingesh TR:2015

DFO, Gomati

Office: +91 382 223 4040
Mobile: +91 8588074214

Shri.Krishna Gopal Roy TR:2015 DFO, Unakoti District Mobile: +91 7005447409  
Smt. Paushali Roy TR:2015 DCF, Training. 
Addl. Charge:-
Director (SFM), PMU, SCATFORM Project
Mobile: +91 9402137232  
Shri. Naresh Jamatia TR:2015 Principal Officer, (Forests) TTAADC Mobile: +91 8837267726  
Shri. Sumit Deb TR:2015 DFO, Sepahijala Mobile: +91 9402140046  
Shri. Jaymalya Bhattacharjee TR:2015


Executive Director, TFDPC Ltd.

Mobile: +91 9436501518  
Shri Jeya Ragul Geshan B TR:2016

Director, Information Technology, Tripura.

Office: +91 381 235 5751

Mobile: +91 8837033564

Shri. Suman Malla TR:2017 DFO, North Mobile: +91 9615639763  
Shri. Abhijit De TR:2017 DCF, FCA at FHQ
Addl. Charge:-
DCF, Working Plan I & II
Mobile: +91 9402137270  
Shri. Bidyut Chaudhuri TR:2018 DCF, CAMPA Mobile: +91 9402527853  
Shri Akshay Balu Bhorde TR:2019

District Forest Officer, Khowai

Mobile: +91 9923797707

Shri Gaurav Ravindra Wagh TR:2020

SDFO, Teliamura 

Mobile: +91 9422568021  
Shri Ashok Kumar TR:2021

SDFO, Dharmanagar

Mobile: +91 7508907902  
Shri Sangita Aba Khatal TR:2021 SDFO, Khowai Mobile: +91 7683048003  
Shri Deependra Jewaria TR:2022 IFS Probationer    
Shri Ishang Lal TR:2023 IFS Probationer    
Shri. Anand Justin TR:2023 IFS Probationer    
Smt. Sushmitha R TR:2023 IFS Probationer    
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