Food Habit

Down the annals of history the taste and variety of food have acted as powerful inducements to tourists or people keen to travel to unknown lands.

Image - Bangui

The delicious Chinese cuisine famous all over the world for taste and variety continue to draw tourists to the ancient land of the dragon-so much so that even VVIP visitors to China evince a keen interest in learning the subtle nuances of preparing the famous duck-roast . So is the case with French cuisine which is popular in Europe . Back home the charm and attraction of the exotic food served in Mughal courts and to the rulers are recorded in history. Keeping this in mind one may not spare a thought for the variety of cuisine served by the ‘Queen of Eastern hills’-that is Tripura.
Tripura’s cultural diversity is reflected in the food habits of the tribal and non-tribal people. Leaving aside the rich spicy food or even two or three varieties of Chinese cuisine served in restaurants in urban centres, the non-tribal Bengalis of Tripura live on rice, fish, chicken, mutton and pork though a small section of Muslims consume beef which is not easily available in the state. However, the non-tribals take great pains in preparing spicy curries of a large variety of fishes available in plenty within the state and also imported from Bangladesh. The most popular and delicious preparation of fish is, however, the boiled ‘Hilsa’ punched with mustard seed and green chilly.

Image - Godak

The traditional Chuak is the rice beer prepared by fermenting rice in water. It is drunk on social occasions and ceremonies. Apong, a local drink is also made from millet rice.

  1. Muya Awandru is a Tripuri food item which contains bamboo shoot, rice flour and Berma.
  2. The Kosoi Bwtwi is made of Beans and Berma.
  3. Muya bai Wahan is another food item of bamboo shoots, jackfruit, papaya, and pork.
  4. Gudok is prepared by bamboo pipes. It has special aroma and taste. It is also made in pan now-a-days.
  5. Wahan is a dish made of pork.
  6. Mosdeng serma is a Tripuri chatney made of berma, red chilli, garlic and tomato.
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